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Email and Social Networking Security Advisory

Modified: September 19, 2016

Several graduate students at Northwestern have recently reported to Northwestern police acts of extortion, intimidation, and harassment:

  • Students have been contacted via Facebook messenger by a female they did not know, who asked to speak to them on Skype
  • During Skype video calls both parties engaged in consensual acts that included nudity
  • After the calls, students were informed the sessions were videotaped and the woman threatened to make the video calls public unless students paid her

We encourage you to ignore messages from suspicious senders. Don’t open any attachments in suspcicous messages. Don’t chat with or give personal information to anyone you don’t know on social media. NUIT has a few tip sheets on identifying email scams, and these might help you determine the validity of messages you receive. 

Northwestern University police also asks that you report any suspicious activity of this nature to Commander Shaun Johnson or Detective Latori Bartelle.