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Check Out the New Versatile PhD Portal, Content and Upcoming Career Panels!

Modified: August 23, 2016
PhDs go many places, and you have more good options than you might think. The Graduate School subscribes to Versatile PhD to help you diversify your doctorate and prepare for more than one possible future. VPhD gives you: supportive discussion forums within a helpful, generous online community; access to good contacts through a Power Search feature that locates PhDs in many fields and industries; job listings appropriate for people with graduate degrees; local meetups; resumes, cover letters and actual application documents that got real PhDs their first jobs; Q&A archives; long-term narratives and inspiring stories of success in a variety of career paths.
Visit the VPhD website for a general overview of what else they have to offer. To access content, TGS Graduate Students and Northwestern Postdoctoral Fellows must login with their NetID to access Versatile's "PhD Career Finder."
Upcoming VPhD Career Discussion Panels:
September 19-23, 2016 - Humanities and Social Scientists: PhD Careers in Language Translation
October 2016 - STEM Medical Writing Careers
November 2016 - Humanities and Social Scientists in Cultural Resource Management
February 2017 - STEM Conservation Careers
March 2017 - Humanities and Social Scientists: PhD Careers Think Tanks
April 2017 - STEM Careers at Think Tanks