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2016 Fiscal Year Funding Entry Deadline August 31

Modified: July 26, 2016

As we approach the end of the 2016 fiscal year, the deadline to have all funding entered into SES for fiscal year 2016 (aid year 2016) managed by TGS, including University Fellowships, Graduate Assistantships, RAS, and other special funding, is Friday, August 12, 2016, so these expenses are allocated in the appropriate fiscal year. Your security access to complete data entry for 2015-16 will be turned off effective September 1. After that date, you must notify tgs-fa@northwestern.edu regarding any funding which must be entered for 2015-16.

Please be aware that the deadline for you to complete any other funding data entry for 2015-16 in the Smart Pages is 4 PM on Wednesday, August 31. 

Any requests for TGS assistance for fiscal year 2016 should be submitted as soon as possible using the Specials Tool.

We suggest that you review your students’ funding for 2015-16 by downloading the funding information for all your students. You may do this in the SES Smart Pages by selecting “Search/Download by funding” and entering Aid Year 2016 at the top, as well as your department code(s) prior to August 31. You may also download funding information for an individual student and/or for a specific chart string. We recommend you save a final download for 2015-16 as a historical record, since that information will not be available in fiscal year 2017 for students who have graduated (fall, winter, spring or summer) and/or have been discontinued in 2015-16.

You are still be able to complete data entry for 2016-17 (fiscal year 2017). Please refer to our previous communication concerning the deadlines for 2016-17. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at tgs-fa@northwestern.edu

Thank you for your assistance. 

Faculty and Staff