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The Northwestern MFA Program Pushes Boundaries in Documentary Filmmaking

Modified: September 24, 2015

The Northwestern MFA program was recently featured in an article on the Northwestern News Center. They have taken an interesting approach to documentary filmmaking by examining the interaction between fiction and nonfiction elements in telling a story. Under the leadership of instructors like its founder and director Debra Tolchinsky, MFA candidates learn to challenge traditional models and discover powerful narrative through interactive and emerging methods. The two-year program was launched last year and only accepts 12 students a year. 

“We want our students to make great films, which win awards and hopefully affect people in a deep way,” Tolchinsky said. “But we also want our students to learn how to navigate an evolving media landscape, understanding where the opportunities are and how to pursue them--whether those opportunities involve new forms of distribution or companies previously not on the media landscape.” 

For the full story, visit the Northwestern News Center

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