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TGS Moves to New Admissions and Recruitment Platform

Modified: September 28, 2015

We are pleased to announce that The Graduate School will be implementing a new unified application, admission, and recruitment platform for the 2016/2017 academic year that will greatly improve the ability of our faculty and staff to recruit prospective students, oversee the admissions process, and track the progress of current PhD and Masters students. The official launch of this platform is slated for next fall, September 2016, which will give our programs the time and training necessary to master the new system.

After a six month review and evaluation process of vendors in this arena, TGS, with the help and consultation of many key partners, selected the vendor CollegeNet to help us best serve our community in the following areas:

  • Prospect and recruitment tracking
  • Admission process administration and management
  • Online and easy to use application review features for faculty
  • Robust technological support and regular enhancement

A timeline for the platform launch follows:

Milestone Schedule Season
New platform announced September Fall 2015
Planning and requirement gathering September – November
Application design November – December Winter 2015/16
Application setup, configuration and integration with SES December – May
Pilot TBD January – May (TBD) Spring 2016
Program feedback requested (Application review) March – May
Summer Training and open house for staff and faculty June – August Summer 2016
2016/17 Application opens with CollegeNet (Go live) September Fall 2016
Training and open house for staff and faculty October – November
2016/17 Major application deadlines December – January Winter 2016/17
Application review peak periods January – April Spring 2017