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TGS Cross-Cultural Game Night and Community Dinner

Modified: February 3, 2015

TGS Cross-Cultural Game Night and Community Dinner.

Wednesday, February 11, 5:30pm-7:30pm
TGS Commons, Seabury Hall, Room 140

TGS Cross-Cultural invites you to the TGS Cross-Cultural Game Night and Community Dinner. Explore culture, conflict, difference and dialogue through a unique shared game experience! TGS Cross-Cultural is excited to offer you the opportunity to play the world-renown cross cultural simulation game “Bafa Bafa.”

Since 1974, "BaFa' BaFa'" has been used to help people from different cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, races, disciplines, ethnic backgrounds, genders and religions to create understanding, reduce conflict and learn how to reap the rich rewards of realistic and thoughtful cooperation.

Join them for this unique opportunity to play an engaging, transformative simulation that will change the way you view and experience culture, difference, and communication.

An RSVP for the event is required and the game is limited to 36 people.
Please RSVP only if you can commit to the entire time.

TGS Cross-Cultural aims to promote cultural awareness and sensitivity, and facilitate open dialogue between graduate students from different backgrounds. For more info, contact nucrosscultural@gmail.com

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