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TGS Cross Cultural Fall Cultural Exchange Dinner

Modified: November 2, 2015
TGS Cross Cultural Fall Cultural Exchange Dinner

Do you want to connect with like-minded international and local graduate students?  How about by talking about an interesting symbol from your home culture or sharing your grandma's special dessert? TGS Cross-Cultural invites you to the inaugural Fall Cultural Exchange Dinner on November 11 at 6pm in the Seabury Commons, to eat a delicious international meal (provided by them), meet other students across the graduate school, and connect over conversation and activities to reflect on issues of culture, diversity and inclusion. 

TGS Cross Cultural will provide a full meal, but ask that you bring a small artifact, token, food item, spice, story or ritual, etc. that has some personal or cultural meaning to you and that you are willing to part with. Be creative or email them with questions about what's appropriate.  You will also walk away with a memorable gift from another culture! Graduate students from all departments are welcome. To RSVP, visit this link.

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