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RSG Research Communication Training Program Accepting Applications for the Summer Session

Modified: April 21, 2015

The RSG Research Communication Training Program will be accepting applications from April 15-May 18 for the summer session scheduled to begin June 23. Northwestern’s graduate programs stand at the forefront of their respective research fields. With so much groundbreaking research taking place here at Northwestern, it is increasingly important to convey the results of that research clearly and concisely to a broad variety of audiences–from expert to general. RSG is a 12-week program that does just that. It is taught by experts in theatre, journalism, marketing and communications and is open to all Northwestern PhD and post-doctoral students. The program is designed to help great researchers become great communicators, focusing on three important and basic components of communication: building confidence in all communication roles, enhancing the clarity of the message, and forming a connection with any audience.

Learn more and submit an application here: http://rsg.northwestern.edu 

View RSG and TGS's video about the RSG program: