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Mellon Conference Travel and Cluster Programming Support

Modified: January 5, 2015

Interdisciplinary Conference Travel Support for Mellon Affiliated Students

This supports Mellon affiliated students with up to $1000 to present at interdisciplinary conferences corresponding to the cluster’s area(s) of interest. $50,000 is designated for the remainder of FY15, with a similar amount recurring annually. Cluster directors will be asked to endorse students’ applications rather than DGSes, and applicants are not required to have secured funding for the conference from their program.  Applications will be available in TGS’s Funding section in early February.

Mellon Cluster Programming Catalyst

This supports clusters (or clusters, centers, degree programs, departments, etc. in combination) to sponsor innovative interdisciplinary programming. $100,000 is designated for proposals received in FY15 (though funds may be earmarked for events in FY16), with a similar amount recurring annually. Applications should make a clear case for the project, goals, and budget; rather than designating a dollar limit, in this round applications will be assessed only on merit. Applications may be forwarded by faculty or students involved in the cluster, however endorsement by the cluster Director is required.  Applications will be available in TGS's Funding section in late January.


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