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International Studies Graduate Student Teaching Opportunity

Modified: April 15, 2015

The International Studies Program is offering a unique opportunity for humanities and social science graduate students to be instructors for their Integrating Project Seminars. The Integrating Project Seminar is their capstone senior experience where students learn how to study international problems from an interdisciplinary perspective, pursuing a research project related to International Security, International Political Economy and Development, Global Commons or Culture & Societyóthematic areas where students have concentrated their coursework. Integrating seminars normally have fifteen students and graduate students have the opportunity to design their own syllabus under the guidance of the Director of International Studies.

Appointments are for an entire academic year (9 months). The teaching load for the first year is two IS seminars, with new Graduate Assistants spending the fall quarter training under the direction of the International Studies Director. The stipend level for 2015-2016 will be $2,035 per month. Successful seminar leaders will normally be reappointed for a second year, during which the teaching load will be 3 seminars for the year (with no training expected).

Seminar leaders can come from any department in the humanities or social sciences, but instructors are expected to have an expertise in one of these IS themes, a strong record as a teaching assistant, and preferably experience teaching in the International Studies core curriculum (Global History, International Relations, American Foreign Policy or Macro Economics).

As per The Graduate School's guidelines, the following restrictions apply:

  1. The student must be in good academic standing
  2. The student must have the approval of the program DGS and primary thesis advisor to accept the appointment.
  3. The student must be in a humanities or social science discipline.
  4. The student must not be beyond their sixth year in the year of appointment. Must be in fourth or fifth year in year of appointment to serve two years. If serving during sixth year, can only serve for one year.
  5. All appointments will be approved by Sarah McGill, Associate Dean of Administration and Planning in TGS

Interested graduate students should send (1) a letter of interest, (2) curriculum vitae and (3) CTECs to Ian Hurd, Interim Director of International Studies by Monday, April 27, 2015.

Course Description: International Studies 395

The integrating project seminar is designed to actively engage students in international issues by doing research in an area related to their thematic cluster. Each seminar focuses on an interdisciplinary case study of a current international problem within the thematic cluster. Students learn about the different theoretical frameworks disciplines use to approach a particular issue and are required to both conduct an in class presentation of anassigned reading and pursue a research project that draws upon their regional concentration course work and international experience as appropriate. Students come together in a conference format to present their final projects to the class. The seminar assumes that students have completed a substantial portion of the International Studies core curriculum, including the thematic and regional clusters before the seminar begins. It is intended to allow students to combine all of these perspectives, as well as the various research and communication skills to solve a complex real world problem at a sophisticated level. The seminar is also intended to be a transitional experience to graduate and professional school levels of scholarly commitment of time and effort and to life-long learning in international studies.