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Graduation and the NU/Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan

Modified: March 11, 2015

If you will be graduating from Northwestern at the end of Winter Quarter 2015, you may either cancel the NU/Aetna Student Health Insurance plan, or keep it for the duration of the policy (ends automatically on August 31 2015).

To cancel, request a student health insurance Cancellation Form by e-mailing student.insurance@northwestern.edu. The Deadline to request cancellation for Winter Quarter 2015 is Monday March 16th. After submitting the Cancellation Form, your CAESAR account will be credited $1,725. The last day of insurance coverage would be the end of Winter Quarter 2015 (March 24th)

If you wish to keep the NU/Aetna Student Health insurance after graduation, there is no action you need to take. The policy will be automatically valid until August 31 2015. Note that there is no COBRA option available.

If you will be leaving Illinois after graduation, you will not need a referral from NU Health Services to obtain medical treatment outside of Cook/Lake Counties in Illinois. The NU/Aetna Student Health Insurance plan essentially acts as a “PPO” type health insurance plan, meaning Aetna Student Health In-Network providers are available nationwide.

For additional reference, visit the 2014-15 NU/Aetna Student Health Insurance Brochure page and note the referral requirement on page 7, and visit the NU/Aetna Student Health Insurance Homepage.

Contact student.insurance@northwestern.edu with any questions.