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Graduate and Postdoctoral Workshop: Active Learning Strategies to Engage STEM Students During Lecture

Modified: November 10, 2015

Active learning techniques can have a profound positive impact on student learning. However, it can be challenging to integrate active learning into courses where much of the material is typically delivered via lecture. This is especially common in STEM courses, where a large amount of complex information is typically transmitted from instructors to students (and in very limited time!).

This workshop addresses strategies for weaving active learning into lecture-based classes. This includes designing moments in lecture where students will want and be able to offer productive comments, responding to students’ questions and comments in ways that keep them thinking actively, and helping students to respond to one another's thinking during lecture.

In the second half, the workshop will focus on integrating peer instruction into STEM lectures. Peer instruction is a simple, evidence-based technique that can help students develop a deeper and more accurate understanding of the material.

Workshop Facilitators:
Grace Larson is a fourth-year doctoral student in the Psychology Department studying the effects of emotional synchrony within close relationships.

Ashley Paz y Puente is a third-year Ph.D. candidate in Materials Science and Engineering specializing in metallurgy. 

*STEM workshops at the Searle Center are part of CIRTL at Northwestern which serves graduate students postdoctoral fellows to improve undergraduate learning in STEM. CIRTL is an NSF-sponsored network of universities that aims to enhance excellence in undergraduate STEM education through the development of a national faculty committed to advancing effective teaching practices for diverse learners.

The workshop will take place on Wednesday November 18 from 2pm-4pm in The Graduate Student Commons, 2122 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL 60201. For information, visit the websiteRegister Now and contact Stephanie with any questions.