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Financial Rates for 2015-16

Created: June 5, 2015

Previous messages have been sent regarding various graduate student financial rates for 2015-16.  This is the final communication and includes the information regarding the new base stipend rates, reiteration of tuition rates, the PI and RAS rates and the health insurance rates for 15-16.
The updated base stipend rates for 2015-16 are as follows:
University Fellowship: $2,417/month; $29,004 for 12 months; $21,753 for 9 months
Graduate Assistantship: $2,491/month; $22,419 for 9 months
The tuition rates for 2015-2016 are as follows:
Three – four units: $16,208/qtr.
Advanced rate (PhD only) TGS 500: $4,052/qtr.
TGS 588 (Masters only): $5,403/qtr.
TGS 512: $100/qtr.
TGS 513: $1,000/qtr.
1 unit: $5,766
The activity fee rate remains at $110 per quarter.
Research Assistant Scholarships (RAS) and the Principal Investigator (PI) rates for 15-16 are as follows:
The Principal Investigator (PI) needs to pay the following amount for 2015-2016:
Full rate (3-4 units): $3,354 per quarter
Advanced rate (500): $3,354 per quarter
The 2015/2016 RAS scholarship rates are as follows:
Full rate (3-4 units): $12,854 per quarter
Advanced rate (500): $698 per quarter
The minimum stipend level to receive a RAS scholarship is $2,491 per month.
NOTE:  The NIH cap did increase.  Therefore, any stipend amount in excess of $2,397 per month ($28,764 annual) plus benefits must come from a non-sponsored chart string. 
The health insurance rates for 2015-16 are as follows:
Student: $3,692
Spouse/Partner: $3,692
Child: $3,692
If you have any questions, please contact Pat Mann.

Faculty and Staff