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Upcoming TGS Financial Aid Processing Deadlines

Modified: November 11, 2014

As a reminder, academic programs who wish their students to register and be paid for winter 2015 must meet the following deadlines:

November 21, 2014: Due date for dual career spreadsheet for winter and subsequent quarters funding
As you may recall, with the implementation of the Smart Pages, you are unable to complete data entry for students who are in dual careers.  Please submit a spreadsheet with required information, so that TGS financial aid staff can complete this data entry.  The spreadsheet template can be downloaded here.

December 1, 2014: Due date for Winter Quarter 2014/15 funding entry

  • Stipend Awards with Item Types 61
    When entering stipend awards with item types beginning with 61, TGS processes the changes in FASIS.  Therefore, if you make any additions, reductions and/or cancellations to such awards, notify TGS Financial Aid, indicating the student’s name and ID in the subject line.
  • Stipend Awards with Item Types 62
    Please complete paper position/appointment forms for any additions, reductions and/or cancellations of stipend awards with item types beginning with 62.  Paper forms must be submitted by Payroll’s stated deadline of December 12 in order for the student to be paid on December 30th.  The interface on September 10, 2014 only transmitted stipend awards that began on September 1st and were continuous on the same chart string at the same pay rate.
  • Winter Term Admit Smart Page Entries
    Generally, winter quarter stipends are paid December, January and February, with the exception of winter quarter admits.  If you enter stipend funding in SES Smart Pages for any graduate student with an admit term of Winter 2015 you need to enter the stipend beginning in January since the student is not an active student until then. 

Other Dates

November 10, 2014: Students’ Invoices generated.
Remind students to review and pay any outstanding balance for which they are responsible; funded students should notify you if their tuition has not been paid for fall.

November 17, 2014: Winter quarter registration opens

December 10, 2014: Students’ invoices generated.
Winter quarter tuition funding should be entered prior to this date so that students will not need to inquire regarding their unpaid invoices.

December 12, 2014: Due date for paper position/appointment forms for December pay to Payroll Office

December 19, 2014: FICA registration deadline
Please remind your TGS students who are scheduled to receive pay on December 30th that they must register by 5pm to avoid having Social Security/Medicare tax (FICA) deducted.  Only students who are being funded entirely or partially as graduate, teaching and research assistants are subject to FICA.

Still have questions? View General Financial Aid Information.

Faculty and Staff