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U-Pass Coverage Continues Over Winter Break

Modified: December 15, 2014

TGS U-Pass coverage will continue over Winter Break.  All U-Passes issued by The Graduate School are valid 365 days a year, as long as you are enrolled full-time.
If you have any disruption with your U-Pass please check your balance at www.ventrachicago.com.   All balances below -$2.50 will temporarily suspend your U-Pass until the balance is zero.  This could happen for several reasons:
1.       You have used PACE buses and not loaded money to pay for the fare. (Valid Charge)
2.       You have used used a U-Pass to first pay for yourself and then to pay for a guest without loading money to pay the fare. (Valid Charge)
3.       A system error. (Invalid Charge)
If the disruption is due to a valid charge, you must pay the balance then your U-Pass will be reinstated.  If the disruption is due to a system error, please contact Ventra and request that the balance be removed and your service be reinstated.
The Graduate School cannot reimburse students for expenses related to your Ventra U-Pass.  If your card is suspended, please contact Ventra directly at 1-877-NOW-VENTRA for assistance.
We wish you a wonderful holiday break.