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TGS Adds Question about Sexual Orientation to Application for Admission

Modified: September 29, 2014

This year, The Graduate School (TGS) is adding an optional question about whether an applicant self-identifies as a member of the LGBTQI community. To our knowledge, we are one of only a handful of schools nationally asking a question about sexuality on an application for admission. Our goal in adding the question is that in asking, we can better know the makeup of our community and address more specifically the needs and concerns within it.

By not asking the question, we are not building a data archive and have no way of knowing the needs of our population and sub-populations. Our Office of Research and Analysis collects and stores this information and can help us to track growth in this population and help us use data to inform our allocation of resources to create appropriate programming and support services accordingly.

Finally, TGS has a brand-new Office of Diversity & Inclusion, which is directed by Assistant Dean Nsombi B. Ricketts. Her role is one of advocacy for all underrepresented groups in the graduate community, and the information about sexual orientation collected in our application will inform this aspect of her work as well.

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