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Public Humanities in Practice: A Conversation with Elena Gonzales

Modified: November 26, 2014
Man and woman speaking to one another, pointing at one another

Wednesday, December 10 at 12:00pm - 1:30pm
NU Center for Civic Engagement, 1813 Hinman

What does it mean to be trained as a "public humanist"? What shape might a scholarly project in Public Humanities take? For the year's first meeting of the NU Public Humanities Colloquium, Elena Gonzales, American Studies Visiting Scholar, will tell us about her training in the Public Humanities program at Brown University, discuss the state of the field, and offer a glimpse into her current project on curatorial work for social justice. (See Elena's bio below.) Lunch will be served.

This event is sponsored by Civically Engaged Grads.

Elena Gonzales is finishing her doctorate in American Studies at Brown University this year. She received her Masters in Public Humanities from Brown in 2010. Her work focuses on curatorial work for social justice. Her dissertation charts this type of work across diverse museums, arguing that exhibitions work for social justice most effectively when engaging both intellectual and embodied emotional responses. Elena has curated exhibitions at the National Museum of Mexican Art, Brown, and the Culinary Arts Museum at Johnson and Wales University. She has worked at the National Museum of American History and the Anacostia Community Museum at the Smithsonian, and curatorial studies at Brown. Elena was a 2012 Ford Dissertation Fellow. She is thrilled to be a visiting scholar in American Studies at Northwestern.