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Leave of Absence Policy Change

Modified: August 20, 2014

The Graduate School recently made changes to our Leave of Absence policy in order to better comply with the requirements of federal student loans, visas, and health insurance eligibility. The changes have been approved by our Administrative Board, and are in effect immediately. The goal of the change in policy is to ensure that only students who are actively making progress towards degree completion are enrolled at the University. Students taking a leave of absence from the University and who are not pursuing a degree are not to be enrolled. The new policy includes three major changes:

  • Students on a leave of absence no longer enroll, so it is clear to the University that they are not currently on campus or working toward degree completion.
  • Students on a leave of absence are not eligible for financial aid, including loans.
  • TGS milestone deadlines are extended by the length of the leave.

Please review the policy and contact us if you have questions. If you're aware of a student considering a leave of absence, we strongly urge them to contact their student services representative, as they will have considerations including their NetID's activation status, library privileges, health insurance, and university housing eligibility, depending on the timing and duration of their leave of absence.

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