Vicki Dekker

Vicki Dekker joined The Graduate School (TGS) as Associate Dean for Administration and Planning in Fall 2016. She works in close partnership with members of Northwestern’s senior leadership on many issues related to graduate education and oversees the following functions within TGS: Administration and Finance, Financial Aid, Information Technology, Research and Analysis and English Language Programs.

Dekker came to TGS from the Kellogg School of Management, where she served as the Director of Executive Education, leading academic direction, overseeing program design, and implementing professional development initiatives. Prior to this position, she served as Assistant Dean of Faculty Affairs & Academic Departments, where she was responsible for strategic planning, performance management, and organizational design. Vicki also led the design and establishment of the Office of Faculty Affairs, supporting Kellogg’s academic professionals in every step of their employment lifecycle. Vicki also holds an MBA from Kellogg.