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Northwestern University Postdoctoral Forum

The Northwestern University Postdoctoral Forum (NUPF) is an organization focused on creating a community among Northwestern University (NU) postdocs across all disciplines, while sharing postdoc-specific resources for career and personal development. NUPF works to build partnerships and increase inter-departmental communications, creating an open forum for all postdoctoral fellows to address the needs of their community.

**NEW! Resource Guide for New Postdocs**

Are you a postdoc new to Northwestern University?  NUPF now offers a resource guide to get you oriented to Chicago and to Northwestern.  Click on the link below for information on a range of topics including how to find housing, transportation, benefits offered, and funding.


Featured Upcoming Events

Postdoctoral Professional Development Workshop:
Communicating With Success in Culturally Diverse Teams 

Take a moment and think of the conversations you have with your PI or your colleagues from different cultural backgrounds. Do you occasionally encounter misunderstandings? Some conversational gap that you sense clearly but do not know how to bridge? Do you feel that more successful communication could improve the progress of your work, your collaborations, and interactions with your colleagues?

The Financial Times defines 
cultural agility as the ability to understand multiple local contexts and work within them to obtain consistent results. The main goal of this workshop is to support participants in increasing their own cultural agility by gaining a better understanding of complexities of intercultural communication and identifying skills necessary for effective interactions across cultural lines.

This highly interactive workshop will offer participants an opportunity to:
  • Explore the role culture plays in the way we interact with others and how it influences people’s actions and reactions
  • Examine their own communication patterns and compare them to other culturally normative ways to communicate
  • Identify specific action steps for becoming more effective communicators in cross-cultural interactions.
February 12 from 2-4 pm
TGS Commons
2122 Sheridan Road, Rm 140
Evanston campus
Presented by:
Tatyana Fertelmeyster, Founder and Principal, Connecting Differences LLC
Registration is required; Space will be limited. 
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