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The CIRTL Network Upcoming March Events and Workshops

Modified: March 2, 2017

Intercultural Communication and Teaching: Understanding Each Other (Teaching in the US)
Monday, March 13: 11AM-12PM ET/10-11AM CT/9-10AM MT/8-9AM PT

In this event, we will examine how intercultural communication theories can shed light on the interaction between teachers and students, particularly when differences in culture play a major role in the ways we teach and learn. We’ll also consider how intercultural communication theories can help teachers understand and better respond to student needs, and we’ll look for ways to bridge cultural gaps that may impede learning.

Wednesday, April 12 at 2:30-4PM ET/1:30-3PM CT/12:30-2PM MT/11:30AM-1PM PT

This workshop will help participants craft their own strategies for fostering inclusive research and teaching environments. Participants will discuss case studies from common research and teaching scenarios that graduate students and postdocs are likely to encounter, and they will draft their own statement on the value of diversity. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to develop a plan of action for their classrooms, and will have a paragraph statement on diversity that they could incorporate into existing teaching or research philosophy statements. Open for registration March 20 through April 5. No enrollment cap.

Professional Development, International