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Leverage NUCATS Institute infrastructure, resources and services and be more competitive for federal awards

Modified: November 21, 2014
Publications are the key metric that Congress, the NIH, and NU use to demonstrate effective use of grant funding. As the CTSA supports infrastructure at Northwestern University for research, anyone who does research at Northwestern University that touches the NUCATS Institute in some way should cite the Cite and Acknowledge the Clinical Translation Science Award (CTSA)

Individuals who MUST site the CTSA in their publications include the following groups:

  1. K scholars and T trainees should link all manuscripts that results from work done while funded by the CTSA and any downstream publications that flow directly from K and T research activities.

  2. Individuals directly funded by pilot, voucher, Dixon or other similar mechanisms provided by the NUCATS Institute

  3. Individuals who use NUCATS Institute resources and services (ie regulatory support, budgets, biostatistics, Galter library, EDW) for a research project and any downstream publications that flow directly from the project.

Please use the following disclaimer to acknowledge the CTSA in your publications if you have used any NUCATS services or resources:

The project described was supported by the National Center for Research Resources, Grant 5UL1RR025741, and is now at the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, Grant 8UL1TR000150. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the NIH.