Community Building Grants and Activities

The TGS Community Building Grant program is designed to:

  • Bring people together in a social context
  • Integrate academic and social aspects of graduate life
  • Improve communications and outreach
  • Encourage creative expression through the arts
  • Serve as a model for community building

Community Building Grants and ActivitiesTGS encourages projects with a broad scope, but also considers proposals that focus on specific constituencies as long as they cut across existing departmental and programmatic lines. TGS funds as many proposals as possible, no matter how big or small. We will normally make up to $3000 available for such initiatives, but two-year initiatives may request up to $5000. We welcome proposals from independent groups of students, our officially sponsored associations, and unsponsored associations.

Examples of past funded initiatives include:
NU Energy Technology Group
Northwestern Graduate Parent Association (NU Mamas)- GSA
SPG Improv: Northwestern University's Graduate Student Imrpov Group
Engineering and Science Art Fair (MGLC)
Chinese Spring Festival (NU-CSSA)

*This work is closely modeled after MIT's Graduate Student Life Grants process (