Billing and Financial Aid

Please contact Student Financial Services if you have additional questions.

When will I be billed?

  • The Office of Student Accounts bills on the 10th of each month. Once you are registered, your tuition charges will post to your Student Account and an invoice will generate with the next billing cycle. The new charges on the invoice are due on the first business day of the following month.
  • Note: Other offices at the university also post charges to your Student Account such as campus housing, parking permits, and library fines. An invoice may generate as often as once a month if there has been any activity on your Student Account since the prior billing cycle or if there is a balance (credit or debit) other than zero.

How do I access my bill?

  • You will receive an email notification (at your Northwestern email address) when a new invoice is ready for viewing on QuikPAY®.
  • To access QuikPAY®, log into CAESAR, go to Student Financial Services > View and Pay Tuition Bill.
  • Although QuikPAY® is updated at most once a month (when the bills generate), you may always view the current balance on your Student Account in CAESAR at Student Financial Services > View My Account.
  • In QuikPAY® you may print a copy of your bill at Current Statement > View as PDF or request an invoice through the mail by changing your User Preferences. The invoice will be mailed to the permanent address listed in CAESAR (Personal Profile) unless a separate billing address is created.

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Will my financial aid appear on the invoice?

  • Tuition scholarships, fellowships, & grants, health insurance subsidies (if applicable) and student loan credits will all be listed as individual line items on your Student Account and will appear on the first invoice that generates after the funds are entered in CAESAR. 
  • Your stipend (if applicable) will not be reflected on the invoice as these funds are paid directly to you through the Payroll Office.
  • Any financial aid that has not yet been received (student loans for example) may appear on your invoice as anticipated aid until the funds are disbursed. 
  • You do not need to pay any balance that is covered by anticipated credit; your Adjusted Balance Due is zero or less.

How do I pay my balance due?

  • If the total charges on your tuition invoice exceed the total credits (actual and anticipated), the balance due is your responsibility.
  • Payments can be made electronically (echeck), by check or money order through the mail, or in person at Depository Services. Click here for additional instructions.
  • The easiest way to make your payment is online via QuikPAY®. This service allows you to make convenient and secure electronic payments using bank accounts and credit cards* from banks located in the United States.
  • To access QuikPAY®, log into CAESAR, go to Student Financial Services > View and Pay Tuition Bill.
  • Only *payments made by credit card are charged a convenience fee.

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Can someone else view and/or pay my bill?

  • Due to federal law (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act – FERPA), you must provide authorization for anyone who wants access to your information.
  • When you add an individual to the Guest Center in CAESAR (CAESAR > Manage Guest Access), you are in complete control of the degree of access granted to that person.

How do I determine my loan status? 

  • Once you have received your email award notice, you may view your loans on CAESAR at Student Financial Services > View My Financial Aid. 
  • Your To Do list on CAESAR will provide instructions for completing any outstanding requirements in the loan process. To Do items are updated to "COMPLETED" within a few days of completion.

When will my loan funds be available to me?

  • In order for the loan funds to disburse to your Student Account, you must be registered appropriately and have completed all your loan requirements. Any outstanding requirements will appear on your To Do list on CAESAR.
  • If all requirements are completed by the priority dates, the loan funds should be available on the first day of class each quarter. To see if the funds have disbursed, you can check your Student Account on CAESAR at Student Financial Services > View My Account. 
  • If your Student Account still shows that the credit is anticipated, this means that your loan funds have not yet been disbursed. If your To Do list on CAESAR shows that all loan requirements are complete and the quarter has begun, please contact Student Financial Services for further assistance. 

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How and when can I access my loan funds if I have a credit balance on my Student Account?

  • If the total credits on your tuition invoice exceed the total charges, you have excess credit on your Student Account that you can use for your living expenses, books, supplies, transportation, and other personal items.
  • Starting on the first day of each quarter, you can obtain a refund of the actual credit on your Student Account.
  • To check whether you have a refundable balance, go to Student Financial Services > View My Account in CAESAR. If the Account Balance on the Grand Total line (at the top of the page) shows a negative amount, that means there is actual credit on your account. 
  • Your refund options are:   
    • Direct Deposit: If you have not already done so, enter your bank information in CAESAR at Student Financial Services > Setup Direct Deposit. (Note: Any direct deposit set up with the Payroll Office is a completely separate arrangement.) You can then initiate the transfer of funds from your Student Account to your bank account at Student Financial Services > Request a Refund. 
    • Check through the mail: On CAESAR, go to Student Financial Services > Request a Refund and select the address to which you want the refund check mailed. If the address is not in CAESAR, you may enter it under Personal Profile > My Addresses and then request your refund. 
    • Cash: You may obtain a cash voucher for amounts of $300.00 or less from the Office of Student Accounts. The cash voucher must be redeemed the same day at Depository Services. A current Wildcard ID is required.

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Can I cancel or reduce my loans if I decide later that I borrowed too much?

  • Yes, you can reduce or cancel your loans any time during the academic year by contacting Student Financial Services. You will accrue less interest and have lower monthly payments down the road if you borrow only what you need while you are in school.
  • Please communicate your intentions clearly. For example:
    • You can specify an amount: "I want my loans reduced so that I have exactly $10,000 per term."
    • You can indicate what you want your loans to cover: "I want enough loan funds to cover my tuition each quarter and have a surplus credit of $500 for books."
    • You can cancel loans for individual quarters: "Cancel my loan disbursements for the Spring 2014 term only."
  • Student Financial Services will always reduce the highest interest rate loans first.
  • If loan funds are returned to the U.S. Dept. of Education within 120 days (i.e. before the end of the quarter), all accrued interest and origination fees are reversed.
  • The Student Budget Worksheet will help you determine your actual living expenses, available resources, and the amount you need in student loans. Use the Cost of Attendance Worksheet (2013-2014) (2014-2015) to estimate your educational expenses.
  • If your loan funds have already disbursed and you have received a refund of the surplus credit for that term, we can still process a loan reduction or cancelation. You will first need to make a payment via CAESAR at "View and Pay Tuition Bill" to restore the credit balance in your Student Account. Once your Student Account reflects the credit at "View My Account," send your adjustment request to Student Financial Services.
  • Finally, if your plans change, Student Financial Services can reinstate your canceled/reduced loans (with certain limitations) as long as you are currently enrolled at least half-time (2 credits). 

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