The 2014/2015 Community Building winners are listed below. For the most complete information about Community Building events, please see our Community Building Events News Feed.

Advanced Degree Consulting Alliance (ADCA). This group brings together students from all advanced degrees at Northwestern sharing the common goal of securing a job as a consultant upon graduation. The mission of the ADCA is “to greatly improve the rate of success of its members, earning careers in management and discipline-specific consulting”.
Contact: Henry Heitzer, Krishanu Nandy and Sarah Wohlman.

Association for Women in Chemistry (AWC). AWC seeks to support women in chemistry and related fields as they advance through graduate school. We focus on community building, mentoring and professional development events.
Contact: Katie Mauck, Liz Bajema and Katie Stallings.

Brain Awareness Outreach (NUBAO). A graduate student-led public outreach initiative dedicated to Chicago area youths by organizing fun, engaging and innovative hands-on activities to educate, excite and inspire children about the brain.
Contact: Natalie Frederick and Laura Kathleen Shanahan.

Chicago Graduate Students of Color Association. The Chicago Graduate Students of Color Association (CGSCA) seeks to foster camaraderie and establish a support system amongst graduate students of underrepresented minority populations on the Northwestern University Chicago campus. 
Contact: John Brooks and Koshonna Brown.

Civically-Engaged Grads (CEG). A community of graduate students who want to be actively engaged with activities that may include, but not limited to: applied research, political advocacy and volunteer work in the Chicago area (or farther afield). By bringing together graduate students from across fields and professional tracks, we hope to exchange experiences and best practices, share opportunities and resources, incite collaboration across disciplines, support each other’s work, and increase the visibility of and appreciation for engaged scholarship.  
Contact: Ruth Martin and Matilda Stubbs.

Ethnic Studies Graduate Student Colloquium (ESG). This group provides an intellectual and social home for graduate students doing work in interdisciplinary the field of ethnic studies. Their programming activities feature an annual Spring Quarter Research Workshop, where faculty work with small groups of graduate students to give feedback on academic and artistic work.
Contact: Megan Geigner and Pilar Escontrias

Feinberg Salseros Social Club (FSSC). This group brings a diverse array of professional schools and graduate programs students together through regular social and cultural event programming in the form of salsa and other Latin dance forms.  Each year, this group prepares choreographed salsa performances for the Feinberg School of Medicine multicultural talent show, Fusion. 
Contact: Michael Scheid and Tania Velez.

Game Studies Graduate Group (GSGG). This group will support members engaged with games culture and games as a medium for study by providing a mix of academic events guided by the intellectual interests of its membership and opportunities to connect with Chicago’s burgeoning game development scene through collaboration with other universities, game development associations such as Windy City Games, and the Chicago chapter of the International Game Developers Association.
Contact: Tommy Rousse and Christopher Russell.

Get-A-Grip Education Outreach. We are a 6-8 week project-based, bi-annual program that challenges middle school students to design and construct a prosthetic arm using household materials.
Contact: Reva Johnson, John Spanias and Matt Perich.

Graduate Christian Fellowship (GCF). Engages students from all academic disciplines in considering how our religious faith has an impact on studies and scholarship, and preparing future leaders in the academy, government and industry.
Contact: Jonathan Syrigos and Anne Yang.

Graduate Student Cross-Cultural Communication Committee. This group promotes and strengthens intercultural communication among graduate students so they can develop skills of cultural competence and simultaneously enhance their ability to be a successful team member, lab member, and leader at Northwestern University and beyond.
Contact: Natalia Smirnov and Bernie Beckerman.

Graduate Women Across Northwestern (GWAN). We are an interdisciplinary organization that seeks to create community building opportunities for women in the graduate and professional programs at Northwestern University. Our activities bond female graduate students for three purposes: cross functional networking, sharing best practices and broadening social networks. (See also GWAN Moms).
Contact: Chang Liu and Wendy Chan.

Indian Graduate Students and Scholars Association (IGSSA). Our objective is to increase the awareness of Indians on campus and in the community, to preserve the rich cultural heritage of India, to ensure a homely atmosphere for Indian students and to unite Indians and people of other races. We hope to accomplish this by bringing together students from different educational and cultural backgrounds to celebrate the diversity of the Indian culture.
Contact: Resham Singh Jaspal Singh Banga and Anjali Rao.

Iranian Student Association (ISA). A student group dedicated to promoting social, intellectual and cultural activities for Iranian students and scholars at Northwestern University, as well as interested members in the Northwestern community.
Contact: Elham Beheshtizavareh and Laila Jaber-Ansari.

Mental Health Mix & Mingle (MHMM). The goal of this twice-monthly series is to bring together students and faculty across Northwestern’s often isolated mental health studies departments (including, but not limited to, marriage and family therapy, counseling psychology and clinical psychology) every two weeks to socialize, network and discuss issues of professional development and contemporary research in the field.
Contact: Minnie Zhichen Tao.

Northwestern Public Health Review (NPHR). A student-run bi-annual, online and in-print, academic journal publishes public health relevant articles from faculty and students at Northwestern University and serves as a common platform to share public health perspectives, ideas, histories and original research. Each print edition is accompanied by a launch reception with invited speakers addressing the importance of effective public health communication. The NPHR also includes a daily blog  presenting analysis and news on current public health subjects as well as a curated virtual book shelf, highlighting public health relevant publications of NU faculty and beyond as reviewed and recommended by the NPHR.  
Contact: Osefame Ewaleifoh and Sofia Jouravel.

Northwestern Swing Dance Syndicate (NSDS). An organization that promotes stronger community via swing dancing (lindy hop, blues, balboa and a range of other dances). We host lessons throughout the year, as well as organizing all-Chicago dance events with nationally renowned swing bands. We are open to everyone in the Northwestern community—from beginners to advanced dancers.
Contact: Faifan Tantakitti, Madison Fitzpatrick, and Rebecca Wei.

Northwestern University Cricket Club (NUCC). We are a community of graduate students hosting weekly cricket games, bi-annual tournaments, screening of international games and an on-line forum.
Contact: Arunoday Singh and Divya Jain.

Northwestern University Curling Club. (Teflon Soles & Brooms) We are a sport that graduate students from all disciplines and their families can enjoy at any level of skill, commitment, athleticism or competitiveness.
Contact: Reda Al-Bahrani and Peiyao Chen.

NU Edge. NU Edge is a diverse organization at Northwestern University dedicated to exposing students and post-docs to biotechnology-related opportunities, through interactive seminars, networking events, and other creative formats. As a group of NU graduate students representing a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines and departments, we have fostered productive discussions and collaborations between our respective programs, and provided excellent networking opportunities to the graduate and post-doctoral community.  
Contact: Karl Mendoza and Ruoqi Gao.

NU Energy Technology Group (NETG). This group brings together graduate students from across Northwestern's departments and campuses to address the significant energy challenges facing our world this century. The group will consider our energy problem through the lens of emerging energy technologies used in both energy production and consumption.
Contact: Kenneth Aruda and Rachel Dory Harris.

NU FIRST. This group is comprised of NU students, faculty and staff who are interested in supporting FIRST K-12 programs in the Chicago area.  Activities include seminars, workshops, volunteering and mentoring of CPS high school students to promote STEM.
Contact: Albert Xue and Liz Dhulst.

NU Grads Engaging Art Experiences in Chicago. This Interdisciplinary group brings together graduate students whose research revolves around art visual, performance, musical, dance, and film.  Reaching across the programs of Performance Studies, Art History, Art Theory and Practice, Screen Cultures, Rhetoric, English, Creative Writing, and IPTD, The NU Grads Engaging Art Experiences in Chicago intends to broaden graduate students’ exposure to Chicago’s rich artistic offerings while also opening up a space for them to critically engage with artistic practice outside of the classroom.
Contact: Faye Gleisser and Andrew Brown.

NU Imaging. A cross-campus, interdisciplinary community of graduate and medical students with a shared interest in radiological imaging science that promote communication, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing between the two campuses.  The groups aims to foster professional development of the NU imaging community in both Evanston and Chicago by facilitating interactions among students, researchers, and clinicians via a range of seminars, journal clubs, clinical shadowing opportunities, and social events.  
Contact: Andy Hung and Nikhil Ram Mohan.

NU Photonic/SPIE. Our mission is to increase the awareness and knowledge of the Northwestern and Evanston community about photonics by engaging them in educational events, social activities and volunteering.
Contact: Betty Lingxuan Peng, Franois Callewaert and Andy Guanxi Chen.

NU SACNAS Student Chapter at NU (SACNAS). SACNAS is a national society of scientists whose mission is to foster the success of Hispanic/Chicano and Native Americans in science. This is the first SACNAS chapter at NU, SaCNU.  SaCNU aims to foster the success of Chicano, Latino, Native American and other underrepresented minority scientists at NU at the undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral levels.  
Contact: Adelita MendozaPeter Rios and Carolina Pusec.

NU-SIAM. We are the Northwestern University Student Chapter of the Society for Industrial and Applied Math and provide a community for students of disparate academic disciplines and various personal backgrounds to share their interest in applied mathematics.  
Contact: Paul Park and Rebecca Jones.

“Plant-it Purple” Graduate Gardens. We are the creators of an Evanston community garden where graduate students and their families can come together to dig in the earth and discuss projects online.
Contact: Jennifer Kay and Stephanie Moffitt.

SciArt Club. An organization that aims to provide a forum to discover and debate prevalent topics in the art conservation field, as well as to practice public speaking, voicing ideas and opinions for those who are interested in translating their graduate degree into a career in art conservation and related sciences.
Contact: Stephanie Zaleski and Emilie Margarette Campbell.

Segal Professional Bridge. Segal Professional Bridge is a design-oriented group focused on bridging the gap between the academic and professional world by hosting collaborative events and creating opportunities for networking and mentorship. The purpose of SPB is to connect like-minded students, faculty, and professionals who are passionate about the field of design and grow the community of designers at Northwestern University.
Contact: Sanjeet Das.

SPG Improv: Northwestern University's Graduate Student Improv Group. We are an organization with a diverse group of graduate students whose mission is to build community through learning, teaching and performing improvisational theatre.
Contact: Cora Palfy.

The Colloquium on Indigeneity and Native American Studies.  We are an interdisciplinary academic endeavor that aims to promote and stimulate conversations on indigeneity and indigenous populations in the Americas and the transnational imaginary at Northwestern University. We seek to engage, discuss and complicate ideas of indigeneity, belonging, sovereignty and genocide by engaging with scholars and activists who are concerned with these issues.
Contact: Chad Infante and Bethany Hughes.

Turkish International Club (TIC). This organization promotes and facilitates bridging the members of Turkish community with different ethnic and religious groups. We organize social and cultural programs — dinners, exhibitions, slide/video shows and cultural outings — that are open to everyone, while encouraging communication between people from different age, gender, ethnic and religious backgrounds.
Contact: Iman Sediqe and Taner Aytun.

Women in Philosophy Workshop. This group aims to increase the visibility and relevance of women philosophers by showcasing the work of women in philosophy in all of its sub-disciplines, including feminism. We intend this workshop to be a long-standing component of the research community at Northwestern by (1) contributing to the consolidation of feminist theory at Northwestern; (2) increasing awareness of the contributions of women to all fields in philosophy; (3) creating inclusiveness in the profession by counteracting the stereotype of philosophy as masculine; and (4) fostering positive change by encouraging women philosophers to pursue their research interests.  backgrounds.
Contact: Cristina Carrillo and Chelsea Egbert.