Childbirth Accommodation Policy

The Graduate School's childbirth accommodation policy provides academic milestone extensions to eligible women graduate students. In addition, it provides continued financial support to funded graduate students who give birth during their eligibility.

Eligible graduate students are required to notify their advisor/primary investigator, the Director of Graduate Studies for their program, and TGS of the date of their intended time away at least sixty days prior to the expected date of childbirth. Students must indicate their intent via TGS Forms in CAESAR by submitting a Petition for Absence and specifying the Childbirth Accommodation.

A family medical leave of absence may be taken in addition to the accommodation period for childbirth, as set forth in this policy.
Additional information and resources for student parents can be found on the Student Parent webpage.
Academic Accommodation
An academic accommodation period of six weeks for childbirth is provided to eligible graduate students. This academic accommodation period may be taken before and/or after the birth. Students are expected to return to their studies/duties at the end of this six-week period.
  • During this period, students may postpone course assignments, examinations and other academic requirements but remain eligible for enrollment and retain access to university facilities (including university housing, student health insurance, etc...)
  • Any funded student granted this accommodation must maintain her regular coursework and/or research registrations during this period.
  • This accommodation period will provide for an automatic extension of academic milestones for two academic quarters during which the same access provisions apply.

Financial Accommodation
Eligible women graduate students supported by fellowships, teaching assistantships, research assistantships, and/or receiving a tuition scholarship at the time of childbirth will be excused from regular teaching or research duties for a period of six weeks during which they will continue to receive support.
  • Students receiving a financial accommodation must maintain their regular coursework and/or research registrations during this period. The funding source for the student’s aid at the time of childbirth (University, foundation, governmental) will be responsible to fund the student during the 6-week accommodation period.