Speech and Language Pathology

 Learning Disabilities Emphasis

This master's degree program is required for students seeking Illinois Learning/Behavior Specialist I Certification.

Admission Qualifications

  • Supplementary Material: two- to three-page essay concerning career goals and relevant background experience (academic and practical); additionally, a sample of expository writing, which may be a paper from previously completed course, or a piece of writing produced independently of school requirements.
  • Undergraduate/Graduate Degree: all backgrounds welcome, but some background in education and psychology desirable
  • Coursework Background: some coursework in education or child psychology preferred
  • Relevant Research or Experience: some practical experience in educational or tutorial settings desirable
  • Other: official GRE scores; two or more letters of recommendation, at least one of which should be from an individual prepared to address potential academic performance
Communication Sciences and Disorders Courses
CSD 350 Cognitive Development in Atypical Learners 1
CSD 375 Diagnostic Procedures for Exceptional Children 1
CSD 376 Remedial Education for Children with Learning Disabilities 1
CSD 444 Development and Disorders of Mathematics 1
CSD 476 Writing and Disorders of Written Language 1
CSD 478 Theory and Practice in Learning Disabilities and Related Disorders 2
CSD 486 Language Disorders in Children with Learning Disabilities and Related Disorders (or alternate course in normal and and atypical language) 1
CSD 487 Development and Disorders of Reading 1
CSD 488 Psychoeducational Assessment and Testing Principles 1
CSD 489 Clinical Study and Research in Differential Diagnosis 1
CSD 575 Advanced Seminar: Current Topics in Learning Disabilities 1
Total required units:

*Students interested in receiving Illinois Certification as a Learning/Behavior Specialist-I (LBS-I) must complete 14, rather than 13, course units, substituting CSD 309 Culture, Language and Learning and CSD 388 Attention Deficit Disorder and Related Disorders for the elective course.

Other MA Degree Requirements

  • Research/Projects: teaching portfolio integrating theory and practice in coursework and clinical practica
  • Master's Thesis: none specified
  • Other: Teaching experience and/or additional coursework may be required for teacher certification. Interested applicants should contact graduate admissions coordinator for further information.

Speech and Language Pathology Emphasis

Admission Qualifications

  • Supplementary Material: one-page statement of interest required
  • Undergraduate/Graduate Degree: majors in most fields appropriate, but non-speech and hearing majors require longer to complete program
  • Coursework Background: basic science and math, education, linguistics, and psychology courses preferred
  • Relevant Research or Experience: none specified
  • Other: official GRE scores; letters of recommendation

CSD 304 Statistics in Communication Sciences and Disorders 1
CSD 307 Acoustic Phonetics 1
CSD 406 Functional Neuroanatomy 1
CSD 438-1 Dysphagia: Diagnosis and Treatment of Swallowing Disorders 2
CSD 476 Writing and Disorders of Written Language* 1
CSD 491-1 Articulation and Phonological Disorders in Children 1
CSD 492 Language Disorders in Preschool Children 1
CSD 493-1 Vocal Physiology and Pathology 1
CSD 494-1 Fluency, Disfluency, and Stuttering 1
CSD 495-1 Aphasia: Disorders of Language Representation and Processing 1
Additional 300-, 400-, and 500-level courses 4 - 7
Clinical practicum courses 8 - 11
Total required units:
22 - 28

* Students pursuing the general, early intervention, or neurogenic programs of study may substitute CSD 486 Language Problems in Children with Learning disabilities and Related Problems or CSD 487 Development and Disorders of Reading for CSD 476 with the permission of the academic advisor.

Other MA Degree Requirements

  • Examinations: none specified
  • Research/Projects: optional
  • Master's Thesis: optional (permission required)
  • Other: none