Deavon Mitchell
Graduate Program Assistant
Lunt Hall, Room 201
Evanston, IL 60208-2730
Phone: (847) 491-8035
Program Description

The research-oriented graduate program of the Department of Mathematics is directed toward students who wish to obtain the PhD degree. The graduate student body is maintained at a student- faculty ratio of less than two-to-one, facilitating close relationships between students and faculty. The faculty is strong in algebra, algebraic topology, classical and modern analysis, dynamical systems, mathematical physics, partial differential equations, probability and representation theory. The department maintains close ties with the larger community of mathematicians at Northwestern University, and faculty members hold joint appointments in the Program in Applied Mathematics. A program in either of these areas may be pursued by students enrolled in the Department of Mathematics.

Applicants should contact the program or see Web site to learn about program-specific requirements for admission

Program Statistics
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