Life Sciences and Public Health

Steven Anderson
Associate Director
303 E. Chicago Avenue, Morton 1-670
Chicago, IL 60611-3008
Phone: (312) 503-1140

The Life Sciences and Public Health Combined PhD/MPH program is designed to train students in both scientific research and interdisciplinary public health fields. Graduates of this program will be positioned to take leadership roles in academic and government institutions seeking expertise in molecular or cellular approaches to population-based health questions. Students will usually conduct their PhD thesis research in the areas of basic mechanisms of infectious diseases or cancer biology, two areas in which the emerging specialization of molecular epidemiology plays an increasingly important role.

This dual degree program enables doctoral students in the life sciences who desire to apply research skills to public health questions to acquire public health credentials concurrently with their PhD degree. Applicants wishing to apply to the combined PhD/MPH degree program will do so at the same time they apply for admission to the DGP. Applicants should notify the DGP office of their intent by including a cover letter with their support materials. The PhD/MPH program will also accept applications from first year DGP students who did not seek admission to the combined degree program before matriculation.

Successful applicants will demonstrate exceptional academic potential, indicative of an ability to master the additional course load required of the combined degree. Applicants must convey both in writing and through personal interview a clear commitment and motivation for obtaining and using the combined degree. Admission decisions are made jointly by the DGP and MPH admissions committees.

Students in the combined degree program cannot graduate with the MPH degree prior to completing the requirements for the PhD.

The program is administered by a joint committee from the DGP and MPH programs.