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RSG Winter 2014 is Now Accepting Applications

Modified: June 19, 2014

Great research does not speak for itself. Conveying the scope and importance of one's research is the only way to generate significant impact. Researchers tend towards data-centered presentations told in the language of their expertise. This jargon tends to alienate those outside the narrow focus of their field. However, with practice and training led by experts in theatre, journalism, marketing and design, those who conduct great research can share their stories with anyone, regardless of scientific background.

The Ready, Set, Go program (RSG) is a 10-week long course for graduate students and post-docs designed to enhance communication skills across disciplines and backgrounds. RSG participants meet once a week for focused workshops on communication skills as part of a larger curriculum. The curriculum starts by enhancing confidence in public speaking through improvisation and theater skills. Next, students learn how to focus on the details that improve the clarity of their message. Finally, through a series of presentation-based workshops, RSG fellows learn how best to form a meaningful connection with their audience to deliver their message.

The RSG Program is now accepting applications for the Winter 2014 program on Wednesday evenings beginning in January. Please help spread the word and invite graduate students and post-docs to apply on line at rsg.northwestern.edu to learn more.